Our mission

is to secure every site on the world wide web

About us

We believe in the democratisation of technology, in making it an integral part of our civilisation's fabric: understood, accessible and in service of everyone.

We believe in broadening our horizons and challenging the status-quo. We believe that change can only come to those who want it and that you need start somewhere. Our journey starts with web security.

We believe that it doesn't need to be painful or complicated. It doesn't have to be a mysterious, almost arcane art only accessible to a chosen few cybersecurity experts. We at Idyllum labs are dedicated to creating a future where the very question "Is your website secure?" is redundant.

We believe that it can be achieved with a big vision, a curious and dedicated team and the power of cluster computing. We believe it can be achieved without massive corporate structures and environmental drawbacks. This is what Idyllum Labs is really about.

How do we do it?

We automate security testing

With Idyllum Labs you don't need to hire an expensive consultant or penetration tester to get a clear overview of your site’s current security status.

Our human friendly security tools can give you comprehensive but still easy to understand report in just a few clicks.

The best part is: our easy to use tools are still powered by the industry standard OWASP ZAP collection of software packages trusted cybersecurity experts around the world.

We let machines do the work

Humans are creative and curious. Machines are precise and tireless.

By combining the power of humans and machines we are able to create tools that are creative yet powerful, precise yet cheap.

Education is an integral part of this equation. As David Hasselhoff once said - one man can make a difference! (With the help of machines, of course.)

We integrate with your systems

Our API integrates seamlessly with existing systems of web infrastructure providers.

That means our scanners are always running in the background, helping identify potential threats to the provider’s system integrity and eliminate most likely attack vectors on a network wide scale.

Our flexible cloud infrastructure allows us to scale according to your demand and ensures performance even at the highest possible testing loads.

The people behind Idyllum Labs

Priit Pedastsaar - Idyllum.com. Online OWASP ZAP, website security chesck free
Priit Pedastsaar
Allan Palm - Idyllum.com. Online OWASP ZAP, website security chesck free
Allan Palm
Mikk Müraus - Idyllum.com. Online OWASP ZAP, website security chesck free
Mikk Müraus

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