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At a glance

Site scanned:
Date of scan: Nov. 23, 2022, 3:40 a.m.

Risk level: LOW
SSL Status: [OK] SSL Encryption enforced

Total OWASP ZAP alerts: 2
Nmap open ports found: 4


Location: United States
Web server: cloudflare

Open ports for (Nmap scan)

Port 80 (tcp) - http
Port 443 (tcp) - https
Port 8080 (tcp) - http-proxy
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OWASP ZAP scan results


Informative alerts

What does this mean?

Cookies can be scoped by domain or path. This check is only concerned with domain scope.The domain scope applied to a cookie determines which domains can access it. For example, a cookie can be scoped strictly to a subdomain e.g., or loosely scoped to a parent domain e.g. In the latter case, any subdomain of can access the cookie. Loosely scoped cookies are common in mega-applications like and Cookies set from a subdomain like are transmitted only to that domain by the browser. However, cookies scoped to a parent-level domain may be transmitted to the parent, or any subdomain of the parent.

Where exactly is this vulnerability found?
How to solve this?

Always scope cookies to a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

What does this mean?

A timestamp was disclosed by the application/web server - Unix

Where exactly is this vulnerability found?
How to solve this?

Manually confirm that the timestamp data is not sensitive, and that the data cannot be aggregated to disclose exploitable patterns.

Low risk vulnerabilities

What does this mean?

A cookie has been set with an invalid SameSite attribute value, which means that the cookie can be sent as a result of a 'cross-site' request. The SameSite attribute is an effective counter measure to cross-site request forgery, cross-site script inclusion, and timing attacks.

Where exactly is this vulnerability found?
How to solve this?

Ensure that the SameSite attribute is set to either 'lax' or ideally 'strict' for all cookies.

Medium risk vulnerabilities

High risk vulnerabilities

Manual inspection results

This site has not been manually inspected yet. Please apply for an inspection here

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Environment info



UncommonHeaders (referrer-policy,server-timing,cf-ray)
X-UA-Compatible (['IE=Edge'])
Cookies (__cf_bm)
X-Frame-Options (SAMEORIGIN)
Title (Access denied)
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