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Idyllum.com Idyllum Labs.
Patrick Collins
Founder, @Prospect Labs

“An important part of working with new leads is building trust and credibility.

Idyllum Labs makes it easy for my clients to evaluate their website security and stop a single exploit from destroying months of hard work.”

Kieren Niĉolas Lovell. Idyllum Labs. Online OWASP ZAP Website security scanner
Kieren Niĉolas Lovell
TalTech Head of Special Handling (CERT), SocEng Instructor (King's and Pembroke, University of Cambridge), & Cranfield University

“I was suitably impressed that the Idyllum Labs' scanner was able to find a lot of the same CMS vulnerabilities as some major league scanners.

The key difference, however, was that Idyllum really shows the impact of those issues and provides easy mitigation advice. I fully recommend this product to any business or cyber-security professional.”

Idyllum Labs - a health check for your website
Rainer Paenurk
Managing Director @ Saare Development Centre

“Idyllum Labs helps me to perform professional security checks on our member base with ease. This is a new way we can build value and trust.

You need good security before, not the day after a cyber security breach.”

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  • Django - "For perfectionists with deadlines" pretty much sums it up.
  • Concrete5 - Stop using Wordpress, people! C5 is great.
  • Guard IOT - Continuous​ Vulnerability Assessment as a Service for IoT networks.
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